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Travel Guide Philippines

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Make your plans before you go:

Check what injections you are going to need and get them well in advance.
If you get your visa when you land it will last for 21 days, (it can be extended up to 59 days, then extended for an additional 59 days. up to 1 year), you can also get an initial 59 day visa from the Philippine Embassy in London.
Have you got your travel insurance?
Money, I have found that cash returns a better exchange rate than travellers cheques, travellers cheques can be hard to exchange, depending on where you are travelling. The exchange rate can vary quite a bit between different money changers, shop around for the best rate. Most resident foreigners will know the best money changers. 
Decide where you want to visit and what you want to see and do.
Book your flights, book your transport and book your hotels.
Be polite, be clever, be careful, be cautious, but most important of all, enjoy this beautiful country and it's beautiful people, those of us that live here, already do.

About the Philippines.

The Philippines is an island nation of Southeast Asia, situated in the western Pacific Ocean consisting of  7,107 islands. Land mass of approx. 116,000 sq miles.

It is made up of three island groups, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Luzon being the home of the Capital, Manila.

The population is approx. 88,000,000 consisting of 90% Christian, (81% Catholic, 9% Protestant), 5% Muslims and 5% non Christian or Muslim.

There are two official languages, Tagalog, (Filipino) and English, however, there are over 180 different languages and dialects spoken throughout the islands.

The currency is the Peso.

About Luzon

Luzon is the northern most island group of the Philippines. Land mass of approx. 43,000 sq miles.

It is made up of  three island groups, Luzon, Batanes and Babuyan, the outlying islands of Catanduanes, Marinduque, Masbate, Romblon, and Mindoro are also part of the group. Luzon being the largest island in the Philippines.

The population is approx 55,000,000

It is the world's 15th largest island and the world's 5th most populated.

Getting there.

There are four main airports that enter Luzon, Ninoy Aquino International in Manila, Diosdada Macapagal International(Clark) in Angeles City, Laoag International in Laoag City and Subic Bay International Airport in Subic Bay. Laoag International and Subic International have a very limited service.

Ninoy Aquino International is the main place of landing and is a major hub for most major airlines, once here you can get flights to most places in the Philippines, travel by bus or get a taxi.

Diosdada Macapagal International is now up and running and is easy access for Angeles City.

Laoag International is in the north of Luzon and a long way from the tourist spots.

Subic Bay International is ideal for the Subic Bay area.

Individual travel guides will be on the location pages.