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There are three main entertainment areas. Perimeter Road, Fields Avenue and the Diamond Sub Division.

The Diamond Sub Division gets a mention because there are some nice hotels in this area and because it is where the Swagman Narra Hotel is situated.

Perimeter Road also has some nice hotels, along with a selection of bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Fields Avenue is the main entertainment area of Angeles City, with a vast amount of hotels, bars, nightclubs, discos and restaurants.

There is a Jeepney service that runs the full length of Perimeter Road, it starts and terminates at the Friendship Jeepney Terminal, which is a short walk to the Fields Avenue area.

Trike stations are scattered at various places along Perimeter Road and Fields Avenue.

Some hotels run a Fields Avenue shuttle service at various times throughout the day and evening, for easy drop-off and collection from the area.

My Advice

Beggars, street traders and conmen are everywhere, I ignore them and go about my business.

If you are going to use the trikes, always get a price for your journey first.

Remember, only take as much cash as you are going to need and keep it safe.

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